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Program „Fellowships Research & Experience II”

Wersja polska | Русская версия

„Fellowships Research & Experience” is a scholarship program dedicated to people from the following countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia interested in conducting research projects in Poland.

The program supports research initiatives aimed at sharing polish experience in implementing system changes, market economy, the rule of law and civil society. Moreover program will conducive to the involvement of foreign scholars in joint research projects with polish partners. The program is carried out by scientific-research internship and in addition professional training. Internships take place in polish universities and research centers. Grantees are directed in accordance with the subject of their research to the centers which they wish to cooperate with or jointly implement a research project. Scholarships in Poland lasts from 2 to 6 months. The amount of mo

In the frame of the scholarship after the scientific-research it is possible to undergo the scholarship of professional experience in selected institutions (eg the ministry, local government institutions, NGOs, media) in Poland. The amount of monthly grant is 2000 PLN.

Subject of research undertaken within the framework of the internship should include one of the following areas:

  • economics and management
  • public administration (local or governmental)
  • business administration
  • law
  • social sciences
  • political science and international relations
  • development policy and humanitarian aid

Applicants for scholarships must meet the following formal requirements:

  • having a citizenship and residence in one of the countries covered by the program;
  • having a full higher education (MA);
  • knowing polish or english languages that allows the use of academic lectures and writing research.

Candidates are required to submit electronically or mail:

  • completed personal questionnaire;
  • Characteristics of intended research project to be carried out in Poland, according to the questionnaire specified in the survey of the notification;
  • photo (3,5 x 4 cm);
  • 2 recommendation for the candidate from recognized scientific authorities (Polish and/or foreign);