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Conference 1918

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The Conference of the Polish and Russian Historians’ Commission in 2018 is devoted to a significate for Poland and Russia date of 1918. For Poles it was the moment of regaining an independent, reborn state after over 120 years of captivity. For the Russians and other nations of the Russian Empire it was the first year of Bolshevik power and the beginning of political transformations that would give born the USSR, future world power and one of the main new political organisms that will shape Europe and the world of the second half of the twentieth century. The aim of the conference is to show the context of 1918: in terms of political, military, social, economic and economic situation, but also religious, cultural, scientific, moral, educational and daily life.


Polish Academy of Science, The Committee of Historical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee of the History of Science and Technology

The Centre for East European Studies University of Warsaw

L. & A. Birkenmajer Institute for History of Science

The Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History Polish Academy of Sciences

Warsaw Scientific Society

Jozef Mianowski Fund – A Foundation for Promotion of Science