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Jubilee Book

In 2011, Kasa Mianowskiego celebrated two anniversaries. The first is 130 years since the creation of Fund assistance for people working in the field of scientific name of MPhD Joseph Mianowski, which took place in 1881. The second is 20 years since the rebirth of our institution in 1991.

Kasa Mianowskiego 1881-2011

Kasa Mianowskiego 1881-2011

Presented here the book has two main objectives. The first one is a reminder of merit Mianowski Fund for Polish science and science in Poland. The second objective is a summary of the last twenty years of this institution. It should no longer here to emphasize the importance Mianowski Fund donors, including the Batory Foundation and the main donors – the Foundation for Polish Science, now the largest non-governmental institutions supporting scientific work. Through grants and pursued FNP Joint Programme, Mianowski Fund could by almost twenty years operate scholarship and addressed to scholars from abroad. Benefited from these scholarships more than fifteen hundred scientists .

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